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Isle of plenty

Extracts from an article in House and Garden published in 2018

Most people pass through this seemingly unremarkable village in the north-east of the Island without a second thought. But not Shakti Callikan and Maya de Salle-Essoo, one a historian and the other an anthropologist, who co-founded My Moris tours to give curious visitors an insight into the culture of the pair’s beloved island.(…)

She chose Poudre d’Or for my Moris new village tour, as it perfectly encapsulates this cultural blend and gives fascinating insight into the island’s melting-pot past.(…)

Small groups are guides on a slow-paced bike ride (or walk if preferred), and hear about the region’s history, religions and traditional crafts, while also simply observing the ebb and flow of everyday life.

Tours are totally organic, as Shakti never knows who she might bump into on any given day.